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Is Your Medical Data Secure?

Surveys confirm that consumers are increasingly worried about their healthcare information being hacked.

Providing health consultation online is very convenient, cheaper and timely but there's no assurance that your information is secured. The medical industry needs to be especially sensitive to security requirements that protect patients and themselves against cyber breaches. Health care providers pay little time and effort in securing their data and are more susceptible to continuous attacks.

As the cyber world gets more and more complex, organizations become more open to threats from both the outside and inside of their organization. Fortunately, service providers are in a prime position to provide these security services to the healthcare industry. Here some tips how to secure your medical data:

1. Use Up-to-Date Electronic Health Record Software. You should check how often the software is upgraded and when the last time a change was made to improve security. EHR software will have to evolve over time to remain viable as well as to stay in compliance with HIPAA requirements. Software developers must have best practices and take into account the growing arsenal of software tools that hackers have.

2. Access Control. Set up your EHR to allow only specific staff members to access patient information. The fewer people who are authorized to enter or read data, the less opportunity there is for a breach. Management should periodically audit the system to see who accessed it and continuously make sure this sensitive information remains safe.

3. Educate Your Staff. Employees are the weakest link, and are the most likely to fail at following procedures or recognize the importance of safeguarding patient information. They should be aware of the danger of sharing their passwords to unauthorized users. You owe it to your patients and to your staff to take proper steps to ensure the integrity and safety of your computer systems.

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