Human error accounts for most HIPAA violations, making it a challenge for Medical Professionals to sift through all the information online. Misunderstanding and misinformation make it nearly impossible to be 100% compliant and worry free. 



10 HIPAA Breach Costs You Should Be Aware Of 

Problems with Networks



Hackers can break into your network within 7 seconds of launching a new computer.


Your IP address (the way you get onto the internet) is vulnerable.  

We install our hardware unit that monitors and detects suspicious activity.

Our software creates a first line of defense.

Data can be vulnerable as it travels from the internet into your Medical Office environment.

Our software scans and monitors all the traffic in and out of your office from the web.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not have medical cyber-specific protection. 

Our hardware and software attached to your router, providing you with an extra layer of security.

Problems with Local Devices 



Keeping your local computers and devices secure can be the most demanding.

Our desktop software monitors your local devices and sends you daily reports. 

Malware viruses can corrupt and disrupt your entire workflow.

Our 24/7 security monitoring and tech staff are always at your ready.

Viruses can be sent and received unknowingly.

Our software will encrypt and decrypt data that is traveling in and out of your office.

for you, and in conjunction with your IT person, we build a strong team/line of defense.

Viruses can be sent and received unknowingly.

Problems with Employees



Human error accounts for 100% of the breaches. 

Our HIPAA compliance training keeps your employees compliant.

Viruses can be sent and received unknowingly.

Our weekly modules and updates keep your staff up to date with all changes to HIPAA.

Leaving a screen open can be grounds for fines and serious HIPAA violations.

Training employees can be costly and time-consuming. 

Our training software is accessible anytime on local devices or mobile devices.

Training for your staff that is easy to understand and fun to learn.

The Office for Civil Rights Looks Favorably Towards Medical Professionals That Have A Pro-Active Measure in Place 
Two-thirds of Entities audited have not conducted assessments 
One-third of violations are due to ignorance of HIPAA Laws
Data Breaching was found in sixty-eight percent of audits
Up until 2008 there were 33,000 Hipaa Complaints filed with the OCR
In 2014 the OCR (Office for Civil Rights) issued a record number of fines 
Largest single fine issued by the OCR:
New York Presbyterian Hospital - $1,500,000
Anchorage Mental Health Community received this fine for Malware Breach
$1.7 million dollars was the largest fine issued for a stolen laptop
$215,000 was a single Issue fine for improper disclosure of ePHI 
Represents the total cost of a HIPAA Breach cost receipt
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