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(888) 501-1190

Take Control Of Your

Cyber Security

MCP helps medical professionals and offices protect vital cyber information with our suite of services

Dr. Bob who could lose everything over HIPPA violations and hacking. 

Medical Cyber Protection is Dr. Bob's simplified solution tailored specifically for the medical industry and compliance with HIPAA

Our Solution: Penetrating Scans, Complete Network Protection, & Staff Training on HIPAA

Penetrating Security Scanning and Assessment

Network Protection

Staff HIPAA Compliance


You can't afford to lose even one day of office operations  


Be Proactive, Not Reactive 

Have peace of mind knowing we are monitoring all the information in & out of your office.


Our goal is to keep you protected from the hackers and violations so that you can focus on providing care for your patients.

"We will always be here for you".

In the event of a breach/hack, we will get your office in working order within 60 Minutes

Think of MCP as your first responders. Like ADT home security, we can never guarantee against a break-in, but we can and will guarantee we will be the first responders

Over 16,000 Technical Support Cases Successfully Resolved Since 2010.

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