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Our Solution Works in 3 Ways



Since 2010 we have successfully resolved more than 16,000 support issues with 100% satisfaction.

Like an X-Ray, our penetrating software scans your environment. We use the reporting from your scan to provide a solution that works cohesively with your current IT set-up and anti-virus software. 


Our Protection Software runs within the background securing all data transferred in and out of your office. Our protector is a physical device that filters and cleans all your traffic. Our advantage is the data is all stored locally, so you have complete transparency and your data never goes into the cloud. 

Human error accounts for nearly all HIPAA violations and breaches. Our compliance training is delivered via game learning modules that are easy and fun for your staff.


Administered on their desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.


Easy time frames make it easy, and stress-free. Let us handle training your staff on how to keep you protected. 


Example: Medical Office (up to 5 staff)

Network Security

Per IP Address

100 % Monitoring Of All Data

VPN For Staff (Safe logins remotely)

WIFI Protection

Local Protection

(For Each Local Computer/Device)

Local Device Support

24/7 Tech Support

800 Call Support 24/7

Employee Compliance

Employee HIPAA Modules

$350 / Per Month

Email Archiving

Cloud Back-up


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